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Car insurance price war gets even bigger

The price battle with car insurance is even greater. Last year, premiums fell by an average of 15 percent. The arrival of the new internet insurer ABC led to a further fall in premiums this week. ABC is the cheapest insurer in more than 20% of comparisons. This appears from comparisons from the independent comparison site Lender.

Reduction premiums for motor insurance

Reduction premiums for motor insurance

According to Erik Hordijk, director of Lender, insurers do not seem to care much about the warnings of the European umbrella organization not to lower the premiums any further. “We thought for a moment that the end of the price war was in sight. However, the war seems to be getting bigger. Many insurers lower their premiums to win customers. ”

Saving on car insurance


The comparisons of Lender also show that almost all insured persons (98 percent) can currently save on their car policy if they switch. The average saving is 171 euros per year. The differences can increase enormously. The difference between the most expensive and the cheapest car insurance is almost always 100 percent.

Cheapest car insurance

It is difficult to predict what the cheapest car insurance for an individual driver is. The premium depends on age, coverage, claim-free years and zip code. Lender advises car owners to always make a comparison and to look at the conditions as well as the premium.

Costs for car insurers down

Costs for car insurers down

In addition to increased competition, there are other reasons why premiums are falling. This makes cars increasingly safer. If there are accidents, the damage per case is lower. In addition, fewer cars are stolen. The costs of insurers are also becoming lower due to more automation and the use of the internet.

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